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    Gorgeous bride, Melissa Londoño. Francesca Miranda Bridal Couture.

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    The Do’s and Dont’s for the Mother-Of-The-Bride?

    1. Remeber who’s day it is

    A wedding celebration is for people who are getting married, and the one getting married is? …That’s right, THE BRIDE. This is the happiest day of her life, and she must be the one getting all the attention and being the most beautiful and eye-catching girl at the party.


    Left: Carole Middleton / Right: Kriss Jenner

    2. Do stand for your own style.

    Remebering our #1 advice, stand for your own style without outstanding the bride.


    Bianca Jagger

    3. If you are wearing black, don’t forget to smile.
    Wearing a black dress being the mother of the bride is OK, as long as is elegant and festive. Wear it with a BIG smile, so it doesn’t seem that you disapprove the marriage…


    Bianca Jagger @ Wedding Family Picture

    4. Inform the Mother-Of-The-Groom on what you are wearing.
    Dressing accordingly to “the other mother” is the right thing to do to prevent overdressing, clashing colors, and other fashion faux pas.


    Christine from Sweden


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    The Ultimate Bridal Guide: How to pick the fabrics for THE dress?


    Let’s start from the point that this is the MOST important dress in the life of a bride. So, especial as it is, must be chosen carefully with every detail covered: Silhoutte, style and the prime matter, the fabrics.

    We want to start a helpful guide for the brides-to-be, and this time we are talking about the different fabrics that are the best and most used in the creation of a beautiful wedding gown.

    1. Lace – It is our #1 without a doubt, and one of Francesca’s favourites. It is the bride material by excellence, for its romantic nature.
    Pros: You can construct very beautiful shapes with lace, and play with the design with embroidery.
    Cons: Absolutely none… that we know!

    2. Satin - Is one of the most popular between the brides…
    Pros: Offers estructure, body and elegance to the silhouette. It can be used on formal and semi-formal ceremonies.
    Cons: It is too hot for summer weddings and warm weather in general.

    3. Silk Taffeta – Always bright and elegant. It is more for ballroom styles.
    Pros: Comes in a great variety of textures and weights.
    Cons: Wrinkles easily… and makes a little bit of noise when walking.

    4. Embroidered Tulle - Exquisite and delicate.
    Pros: Soft, beautiful and great for veils and appliques. Gives a romantic and ethereal aura.
    Cons: None, is beautiful!

    5. Chiffon - Chiffon is never out of style for brides. Better used on late afternoon or evening ceremonies.
    Pros: Soft and sheer, great for warm weather and summer.
    Cons: Not so good if you are looking for a structured ballgown style.

    6. Organza - Like chiffon but a little bit more stiff, and lighter that satin and heavier that taffeta.
    Pros: It gives shape a texture to a skirt.
    Cons: None, other than it is too transparent to make a whole dress.


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    FM’S Fashion History Class: Royal Weddings and bridal fashions

    The Empress of the French, in her Bridal Costume, The Illustrated London News, 5 March 1853

    British and European weddings continued to excite public interest, and elements of the styles worn by royal brides filtered down into wedding fashions. In 1853 columns of  newsprint were dedicated to the marriage of Napoleon III of France (1808-73) and Eudenia Montijo de Guzmán (1826-1920). The bride, who was of Spanish-Scottish descent, was good-looking and stylish. With the encouragement of her husban, who recognized the economic value of her support for the French luxury trades, she quickly became an influential leader of fashion, numbering Queen Victoria among her many female admirers. The ilustrated papers supplemented reports of her trousseau and wedding clothes with the line engravings (Illustration 1).


    In London, Madame Tussaud’s waxworks exhibited a tableau of the ‘nuptial group’ in which the Empress was presented in a replica of the dress she wore for the religious ceremony, offering the paying public in London another way to see what the Empress wore. The essential elements of her outfit – a bodice extending into a basque and full flounced skirt-  were popular for weddings for another five years (Ilustration 2), though few could afford the Brussels lace ruffles, flounces and full-length veil that disntinguished the new Empress’s costume.


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    Simone - Francesca Miranda Bridal spring 2014 @ Bridal Market in Group868

    Simone - Francesca Miranda Bridal spring 2014 @ Bridal Market in Group868

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    Stay tuned! We have a wonderful bridal editorial that you’ll love!
Francesca Miranda Bridal Spring 2014

    Stay tuned! We have a wonderful bridal editorial that you’ll love!

    Francesca Miranda Bridal Spring 2014

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